Past Perfect, Future Fantastic

The Biannual Advantage

The Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show offers you an opportunity to capture the business opportunities of the entire year. The show is the only event that is held twice a year and opens up all possible sales avenues for you to tap the spring as well as autumn (year-end) jewellery sales seasons in their entirety.

Winner All The Way

In the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show, you have a trustworthy platform that will help you fortify your presence in the region, meet new customers, reach out to existing clientele and build a more established and reliable brand. Assisting you all the way is the impeccable reputation of the organiser, the extensive reach and response of its marketing drive, and some unique attributes like enviable exhibitor retention rates and biannual frequency, among others.

The show enjoys overwhelming goodwill as one of the very few trade events that have begun their journey quite early (1993 to be precise) and counts on the support of the industry and its leaders.

Why - The Show Is One Of Its Kind

• The largest and longest running event of its kind
• Regular participants, some right from the beginning
• The only biannual show that can tap all jewellery buying seasons
• The only show that is eagerly awaited by rich & royal families

A Market Like No Other

• The fastest growing luxury market, powered by affluent nationals, splurging expatriates, brand-conscious youth, and rising tourist arrivals
• Rising consumer spending, with the country having the highest disposable income per capita in the region
• The highest concentration of ultra-rich residents, with its billionaire population jumping by more than 30% in one year